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The Movement


THE MOVEMENT is a power-trio from Copenhagen/DK. They play mod-rock! Their sound is influenced by The Jam, The Who and The Clash. The Movement is a well dressed band who always wears suits, they know the old mod-slogan: "Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances"

There are two interpretations of the groups name "Movement":

The Movement is a high energetic band. They really kick off on stage and people can't stand still, they just have to move.
It's pretty simple and very basic: They are a great live band and they got a unique power pointed directly at the audience.

The Movement is strongly committed to serve the working class.
The main goal is to encourage young people to resist and question everything. In that matter The Clash has been a great influence: "Politics and poetry". Their influences range from Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Marx to Joe Strummer and Paul Weller.


http://www.themovement.dk - Myspace


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