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Thinking about Venice, everybody right away has a picture of the famous historical centre in mmd, with its canals and beautiful old buildings. Probably nobody thinks of the districts on the mainland, mainly working dass industrial neighbourhoods, that dont have much of the beauty of the city centre. One of those is Marghera, well known in ltaly for one of the biggest Italian workers rebellion in newer history. Thats the home of TALCO

Born as a ska band, over time they found a sound all their own, mixing Patchanka rhythms typical of the Mano Negra with punk and ska, sometimes dabbling in Balkan and Kletzmer, but always true to their heritage of Italian singer-songwriterS, especially when it comes to the lyrics. The first years are typical for most bands, some friends play music together on a basement, till they felt its finally time for a record.

In spring ‘10 they also took the time to go into the studio again to record their 4th record “La Cretina Comrnedia“. Musically the band the band keep the powerful sound from “Mazel Tov“ and that makes them special live as well, but added a lot more variety and different influences. Lyrically its a concept album about the live and work of Peppino Impastato. Born into a mafia family, he turned against his father and became an anti-mafia activist. He was kilIed in ‘78 by the mafia, during his election campaign for the Cinisi council. It took over 20 years till all offenders were sentenced and his story got known to a wider audience through the movie ‘1 cento passi“ (100 steps).



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