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The Grit


THE GRIT are ready to unleash “Straight out the Alley,” their eagerly awaited new studio album via the world’s most infamous record label ‘People Like You Records.‘ For the last 2 years the band have relentlessly toured their previous album, ‘Shall We Dine?’, from the prestigious festival stages [including Reading and Glastonbury] to the deadliest snake pit venues of England, Germany and beyond. They now intend to take their personal brand of “Punk ‘n’ Fuck ‘n’ Roll” to a new level, armed with a sack full of fresh material but the same ever-ready ballsy determination that has seen their reputation spread like a contagious disease that audiences have all been eager to contract.

THE GRIT are not just another punk rock band. Those that have witnessed their live show have experienced that. A fact set to be reinforced in concrete once their “Straight out the Alley” is let off the leash.




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