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Bastards On ParadeBastards on Parade is a celtic punk band formed in late 2007 in A Coruña, Galicia, mixing their loved punk rock with their celtic roots. To their OI! influenced clasic punk rock they add tradicional instruments from Galicia such as galician bagpipe, mandolin or more recently the accordion, all of this mixed with some party themed and social committed lyrics, as well as lyrics about the defense and exposure of the galician culture and celtic roots. No doubt they did become one of the youngest and more popular bands in Europe with their passionate and whiskey flavoured show and tireless touring and of course, the main ambassadors of Galicia and Spain in the punk rock scene.
Since the very beggining the band gained great international success with all their releases. Critically acclaimed by the press both in Europe or the USA as well as in Japan or South America, their songs were featured on those countries radios or podcast.
After capture scene’s attention with their fisrt three Ep’s, their fisrt full lenght “Tales from the Death Shore” (released in 2011 by french label Carnage records and Japan’s Uncle Owen records) was included in the list of the best celtic punk albums of the year Worlwide by prestigious webzines Shite’n’Onions from Boston, Paddyrock from Chicago or Celtick folk punk blogspot in Europe. 5th place in the list just behind big names as Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly.
All of this made them tour all over Europe for the last five years sharing stage and tours with acts such as The Mahones, Street Dogs, Flatfoot 56 or The Real Mckenzies just to name a few (some band members even toured and were part of some bands previously mentioned) and become established in the venue’s circuit and creating a solid fan base with their know-how, charm and naturalness.
The band has also played important festivals throughout the years like Derrame Rock, Aupa Lumbreiras, two times in Resurrection festival and IslaRock, the Folk Punk Rock festival in Berlin, the Barevna Planeta festival in Czech Republic and also more festivals folk nature as Sauga folk, Demanda Folk, Vilariño folk just to name a few.
Their second full lenght “Empty bottles & broken things” released in late 2013, captured prestigious punk rock label Wolverine records attention, who signed them and released their album worlwide. It’s conveniente to stand out that this album was produced and mixed by John Rioux, well known american producer and member of the Street Dogs, the Bruisers, etc. And the record was mastered in Mammoth studios in California by Dan Randal. With this release the band achieves once again the feat of being included in the best albums of the year list with an awesome third place.

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