Super Cumbia y la Liga de la Alegría

is a group of economic heroes from the planet "Cumbión". They arrived on Earth to protect us from sorrow with their POWER CUMBIA! Through dance, humour and colorful coral songs, they revitalize our whole body to get us moving without shame, because "life is made for another thing ..."

In their mission to make the inhabitants of this planet more joyful and conscious, Super Cumbia and the League of Joy, they dedicate 100% of their time traveling across all the continents, planting the Energy of the "CUMBIA del Monte", a powerful rhythm able to exorcise us instantly from bad habits.

Welcome to the Cumbia Reflection. Welcome to the CHANGE-CUMBIA! "CUMBIA CHANGE"

It is a show of music and theater with a lot of humor, that takes the audience to a constant interaction. Suitable for all ages.

The proposal contains choral songs and spatial choreographies, pedagogical ways of bonding while decontracting emotions affected by shame. A "Cumbia del Monte" experience is able to awaken us from the long sleep of routine and give us back the ability to play as children.

Latin folklore instruments and rhythms in a very simple mix with reggae, ragamufi and rap rhythms; lyrics that contain conscience and optimism, result of the constant learning that resumes the nomadism cumbiero... "Every day... CUMBIA!

The best medicine for your emotional health, go through the walls of fear of movement and be free of prejudices dancing with Super Cumbia and the League of Joy!

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