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Asfixia Social

The original mix of Rap, Ska, Punk, Brazilian Music, Funk, Dub and Hardcore, with lyrics that portray the group's daily life and activism in the outskirts of South America's largest city - Säo Paulo - forms the unique identity of Asfixia Social, which brings all its strength mainly in poetry, street culture and a pulsating sound. Those who know the local underground scene probably have seen the guys arriving in an old bus full of graffitis and equipped with a truly independent Sound System, ready to deliver the message in public squares, nightclubs, schools, festivals, bars, cultural centers, occupations, favelas and at major events across all regions of the Brazil.

The sound and activism brought the group several awards in the area of music and culture, with highlight to the National Hip Hop Culture Award 2014 (Brazil's National Foundation of Arts) and the Special Jury Prize of the Xl Film Festival of Lorena 2015, with the film "The Sepulcher of the Black Cat". The band was also attraction of the 2015 Havana Biennial of Art (Cuba) and at the festivals River Rock 2017 (Indaial, Brazil), Rock na Estaqäo 2018 (Säo Carlos, Brazil), International Music Week 2018 of Säo Paulo (Brazil), Month of Hip Hop 2019 (Säo Paulo, Brazil), Paranapiacaba Winter Festival 2019 (Santo André, Brazil), Treibsand Freiland 2019 (Rochlitz, Germany), Rebellion Festival 2019 and 2022 (Blackpool, England), Punx Picnic 2022 (Brighton,

England), Haltpop Festival 2022 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Chauffer dans La Noirceur 2022 (Normandy, France), Punk Rock 77 2022 (Campinas, Brazil), Punk Rock Rio 2022 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Rock in Far 2022 (Fartura, Brazil) and Sabotage Vive 2022 (Säo Paulo, Brazil).

After releasing the albums "Da Rua pra Rua" (2012) and "Sistema de Soma" (2020), in addition to the DVDs live in Säo Paulo (2013) and live in Cuba (2015), Asfixia Social showed up for the independent scene and became one of the most active formations of Brazil, with hundreds of shows all over the country and abroad, featured in important Brazilian events and overseas festivals like in England, France, Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, Cuba and Portugal. In 2019 from the 54 concerts, 15 were in Europe. In 2022 there were 40 shows and 20 of them in second European tour, where the group released the single and live clip "They Sold Your Soul" in partnership with French label Mass Prod.

"Sistema de Soma" was considered one of the best albums of 2020 by Brazilian press Nada Pop, illustrated by more than 1.000 public school students in Säo Paulo over 3 years of "Poetry, Hip Hop and Literature" workshops. The 58-page book & album with 10 inedit songs also features collaborations with Brazilian rap legend GOG, trombonist Bocato, Italian trumpeter Gabriel Rosati, singer Karen Santana, Cuban MC El Cepe, singer Mao Jr (Garotos Podres), DJ Tano and Funk Buia (Z'Africa Brasil), and students from the group Vozes Poéticas.