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Cats and Dinosaurs

Feel the sting of the left wing swing!

Meet Cats and Dinosaurs - the world’s most radical swing band! This feminist left wing swing collective from Gothenburg, Sweden has gained a world wide following with their punk-inflected vintage jazz and political lyrics in both English and Swedish. They honor the jazz pioneers not by copying them note by note, but by embracing their energy and radical attitude. And being lindy hop dancers themselves, they now exactly what the dancers need!

The band has been playing together since 2014 and released four albums. But their main reputation is built on their high-powered live shows, a surreal mix of cabaret, sing-a-long and political rally. Through the years they have done well over a hundred concerts, and played everywhere from punk clubs and rock festivals to dance halls and opera houses. Don’t miss the chance to catch them live, they can guarantee you a night to remember!